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Ball Brothers bring distinctive
Christian sound to Buena Vista

From the Sept. 29, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Ball Brothers brought their distinctive brand of Christian music to the Moon Family Theatre for a concert last Saturday night.
   Since their formation in 2006, the Ball Brothers have rapidly made their mark in Christian music by finding a musical balance between the old and the new.
   "We've never been to a place where every person in the audience was the same age. On the contrary, most places we go have a mixture of young, middle-aged, and older people. So, our music style and song selection is based around that blend. It's great to see a grandmother and granddaughter worshiping together and enjoying the same music. We get to see that on a regular basis," said lead vocalist, Daniel Ball.
   The group is comprised of Daniel and brother Andrew Ball, along with brother-in-law Chad McCloskey, and newcomer (not-a-brother-at-all) Rhett Roberts.
   Daniel told an amusing story about how the group, based out of Chickamauga, Georgia, recruited Rhett to join them. They were looking for someone who could sing all four parts that are traditionally done by different people in quartets (that's their thing). They stumbled upon him singing barbershop quartet songs on YouTube – by himself – and singing all the parts.
   They contacted him via Facebook, not yet realizing that he lived in Redding, California. However, he was also a fan of the group's music. They hit it off and it was a good enough fit for him to travel across the country and sign up to sing with them.
   Each of the members has a strong Christian background from growing up "in church", so Gospel/Christian music is a natural fit. However, they often come up with songs and harmonies very different from the genre's norm.
   "We like to take harmonies from the Beach Boys, or a group like that, and remix them into what we're doing," said Daniel. "Some people hear it and say, 'Oh, you guys are revolutionary,' but we're just bringing things back and reworking them. We enjoy harmony-driven music and jazz."
   Prior to their concert, they took time for a meet-and-greet with some members of the local Performance Academy, answering questions and giving advice. They were also impressed with the Moon Family Theatre.
   "It's not at all what we expected," said Daniel. "What a treasure to have in this community. It's very nice – beautiful."
   Andrew added that it's the vison and faith of people like Pete and Lynn McAllister, who founded the theatre, that make it possible for people like them to have venues and opportunities to perform.
   "We couldn't do what we do without people like them," he said.
   What they did last Saturday, was give a local crowd a great show that even included a standing ovation after a patriotic medley.
   * For more info on the Moon Family Theatre, see the ad on page 2 of this week's newspaper.