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Seriously funny show with
seriously good music at MFT

For more photos and videos from the show click here.

Karen Morgan, left, and Jilla Webb at Moon Family Theatre
Click here for more photos and videos.

From the September 1, 2021 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Area residents gathered at the Moon Family Theatre in Buena Vista last Saturday evening for a near sellout show that did not disappoint and had them singing and laughing.
   Headliner Karen Morgan (AKA "The Funniest Mom in America") shared her personal experiences as a Georgian now living in Maine, as a former attorney, as a

wife and mother, and as an observer of life in general. Her topics included the differences in the various generations (she thinks people give the Millennials a hard time because they invented avocado toast and the word "artisanal", and Generation X rules and will never go out of business).
   She also made fun of her own 1985 Glamour Shot photos (which she had actual copies of) and even of a special anniversary gift she gave her husband (a vasectomy). Regardless of the topic, the laughter never stopped.
   Morgan noted that it's been a rough year for everyone due to the pandemic, which had also put a virtual stop to her performing. She remarked how nice it was to be with people again and thanked Lynn McAllister and the Moon Family Theatre for the opportunity to come home to Georgia and get back on the stage to enjoy laughter with others.
   Several video clips of Karen Morgan's act that she performed Saturday may be viewed online at
   In addition to plenty of laughs, the audience took a trip through history via music, as Jilla "The Musical Woman" Webb sang important songs from female artists through the decades. The music was good enough on its own, but Webb, who is also a professor at Auburn University, also weaved a tale of how they inspired women (including herself) by being trailblazers in the entertainment industry.
   As an added bonus, the show was opened by the four members of the local Performance Academy who had the highest audition scores for the current session of the academy. They were Kimberly Eldridge, Emory Taylor, Keylani Rodriguez, and Hope Rogers.
   A.J. Wells also did a nice job during his first event as the theatre's emcee.
   Up next for the Moon Family Theatre are performances by Jimmy Fortune (Hall of Famer and member of the famous Statler Brothers group) and the award-winning Ball Brothers. See the ad on page 6 of this week's newspaper for details.