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Cautious Optimism: Area's
COVID-19 numbers on decline

From the Sept. 30, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   All data in this article is from the Georgia Department of Public Health, as available Tuesday morning.
   The latest figures show good news on the pandemic front for most of our area. Of the four counties in The Journal's coverage area, all have about the same or lower numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases, with the exception of Stewart County, which has the highest (proportionate) confirmed infection rate in the state. On the bright side, even Stewart County's highest rate represents less than 2% of its residents, so there is hope on the horizon.

   Another promising factor is that the combined total number of cases in The Journal's coverage area has fallen over the last four two-week periods in a row (down from 509 on Sept. 8 to 177 on Sept. 29).
   Healthcare and state officials continue to urge only cautious optimism, as virus numbers could spike if counties don't continue to take basic safety measures, especially with more students in schools and more community events happening.
   Stewart County had 112 confirmed cases over the last two-week period, as of Tuesday, Sept. 29, showing that the county continues to struggle to keep the virus in check. The previous two-week total was 87.
   Another virus death was also reported during the last week, bringing the total to 14.
   The 112 current confirmed cases represents 1.82% of the county's total population of 6,129.
   Since the state began tracking infections, Stewart County has had a grand total of 522 (up from 462 at this time last week). That's approximately 8.5% of all county residents, including those who have recovered.
   Chattahoochee County (including cases on the county's portion of Fort Benning) saw some continued improvement ...
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