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Are counties at risk of lowing out
due to low Census response rates

Response rates to the Census in area counties
* Marion County = 34.9%
* Schley County = 44.0%
* Webster County = 44.6%
* Stewart County = 35.2%
* Chatt. County = 45.7%
Learn how to respond to the Census at

From the Sept. 16, 2020
issue of The Journal

By Linda Adams
   Individuals and businesses pay taxes and should expect that the state and county get a fair share of that money. If the Census does not count all residents, then local communities do not get their fair share. Simple as that.
   Information collected in the Census is used three ways. First

it is used to determine representation in state and national legislatures. The second use is by businesses in things like locating new stores. The third and most important is how tax dollars are used on roadways, schools, public health services, hospitals, early child development, natural disaster recovery, education of children, and much, much more.
   Businesses and citizens pay their fair share of taxes. They should receive their fair share of the benefits the government offers in return. Everyone is urged to participate in the 2020 census and be counted.
    Our counties have very low participation rates. Schley, for instance, is only at about 44%. We will all suffer if the count of our population is this low!
   You can go online at to fill out the census or simply call:  844-330-2020.