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Westville's Wells House is big
part of Marion County History

From the Sept. 4, 2019 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Historic Westville, which recently reopened in Columbus after being moved from Lumpkin, features many area historic homes and buildings that were donated to be used collectively as a "village museum" to show life in rural Georgia in the 1850s (since expanded to a more general "19th Century" theme).

   The oldest of all these structures – the Wells House – was originally located in Marion County (on what is now Power Station Road). The house actually predates the county, which was officially established on December 14, 1827. Westville's official literature about the house simply states that it was built "pre 1827", but some accounts have the home being established around 1815.
   The large house had very modest beginnings. It started off as a small log home built by a Yuchi family in a Native American village ... The rest of the story.