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Local governments take
'flpa'ing' hit with tax revenue

From the Sept. 18, 2019 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   A constitutional amendment that voters overwhelmingly passed last year is causing concern for many area local governments, who have discovered that their revenue is about to take a "flpa'ing hit".
   The governments in Marion, Chattahoochee, Stewart, and Webster counties are all negatively impacted.
   It results from a constitutional amendment passed by voters last November, which changed a policy established the same way in 2008.
   Georgia voters approved the Forest Land Protection Act (FLPA) way back in 2008. It provided ad valorem (property) tax exemption for property primarily used for the good faith subsistence or commercial production of trees and timber on the property. This was for ... The rest of the story.

Estimated Reducations
In Revenue
for Local Gov's Include:

$50,000 for Marion BOE
$27,500 for Webster Co. BOE
$16,000 for Chatt. Co. BOE
$12,500 for Stewart Co. BOE