Buena Vista development appears
to be heating up local economy
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From the Sept. 7, 2016 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   When the Marion County Commission began working with Dixie Discount-Cuthbert to pave the way for a new supermarket and shopping plaza in Buena Vista, it was the first time local officials had gone through that process. There were setbacks, misunderstandings, and frustrations along the way, but they learned a lot of lessons and also were willing to make an investment for the future.
   That included taking a leap of faith to agree to pay to set up infrastructure for the development. The site needed septic service and none was available, so the Marion County Commission and Buena Vista City Council agreed to extend the city's sewer service to reach the plaza.
   The Commission originally expected the project to cost around $800,000, but it soared to more than a quarter million. That was the bad news, but the commissioners recently received some very good news that will make it ... The rest of the story.