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State's Premier Literary
Publication visits Buena Vista

For photos and videos from the event click here.

From the Oct. 20, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   "The Square" in downtown Buena Vista was the site of a unique event last Friday, October 15, as the state's premier literary publication – The Georgia Review – hosted a special Reading & Reception for two of the writers featured in its fall issue.
   It was a special night for the community and for native A.J. Wells, who read a portion of his short story titled The Man Who Drove Backward. In addition to being one of the featured writers, the event was held at "The Station", formerly Thomas Station on the Square and current home to Hall & Co. Boutique & Gifts. Not only did it provide the perfect location for the reading, but it was recently renovated by A.J.'s mother, Faye Wells.
   Dr. Gerald Maa, the publication's editor, remarked, "It feels so lively and joyous to be here with the town square as the backdrop – just absolutely lovely. I feel blessed to ...
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