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Pandemic creates a stinky
situation for trash company

From the Oct. 21, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Garbage. It's messy and often stinky. It's also something most people don't think about very much. They simply put it in their cans, roll the cans down by the road, roll them back the next day, and repeat each week.
   However, the trash collection industry had been hit hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic and one of the consequences has been an increase in people complaining about late pick-ups. Winn Bearden, who operates trash collection for much of the area, including Marion and Schley counties, says the pandemic has affected the industry in a variety of ways.
   Bearden said Trans Waste Services/Green for Life has been hit both directly and indirectly by COVID-19, which has made 2020 a huge challenge.
   "I've worked harder the last six months than in my whole career," he said, noting that he recently had to

personally haul the trash from Marion County's roll-off dump site behind the jail too the landfill. "Myself and my managers have had to get out and drive trucks."
   It's kept all of the employees extremely busy.
   "Our guys have been working six, sometimes seven days a week to try and stay caught up," said Bearden.
   One of the reasons for the challenges is the ...

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