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Area COVID-19 Update
Finally Good News for Stewart Co.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Stewart County

From the Oct. 14, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   All data in this article is from the Georgia Department of Public Health, as available Tuesday morning.
   The latest figures show continued good news on the pandemic front, especially for Stewart County, which got its best "report" in a very long time.
   Stewart County finally got some good news on the COVID-19 front. State figures show that there were only 3 confirmed cases in the county over the last two-week period, as of Tuesday, Oct. 13.

That's actually great news, as the county had been one of the state's "hot spots" for a good while.
   The 3 cases is a significant drop from the previous two-week total of 59, and the 112 from the two-week total before that.
   The 3 current confirmed cases represents only 0.048% of the county's total population of 6,129. That's a significant improvement over this time last week when the estimate was 0.96%.
   While the latest figures are encouraging, public health officials encourage continued caution and for residents to continue to follow social distancing and state recommendations to prevent another spike.
   Since the state began tracking infections, Stewart County has had a grand total of 523 confirmed cases, which is around 8.53% of all residents, including those who have recovered.
   Chattahoochee County, which had also had some struggles with the virus in recent months, appears to ...

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