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City of Buena Vista residents to
cast ballots in at-large system abandoned by most other cities

From the Oct. 30, 2019 isssue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   When Buena Vista residents go to the polls for the Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 5 they will be voting under a system much different than other cities across the state and nation.
   The City of Buena Vista does not use districts in its elections. Members of City Council do not represent particular districts nor do they have to live within particular districts.
   Voters, likewise, cast their votes for every candidate, no matter where they live within the city limits.
   Such at-large voting was once commonplace, especially across the South, but has all but been eliminated. Buena Vista is one of the rare exceptions.
   The Marion County Commission used to use a similar voting system, but abandoned it under pressure 19 years ago. At that time, the Commission actually did have districts and candidates had to live within their respective districts, but they were voted on "at-large", meaning that every county resident voted for every commissioner even if they didn't live in their district.
   The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the County Commission on behalf of several local residents, who ... The rest of the story.