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Buena Vista residents to elect new
Mayor for first time in 20 years


Buena Vista Mayor Ralph Brown is not seeking reelection after two decades at the helm of the City of Buena Vista. Statements from the two candidates, in their own words, seeking the city's top leadership spot are below.

From the Oct. 23, 2019
issue of The Journal

   Hello my friends. I am respectfully asking for your vote to become your next Mayor. After leaving the United States Army, I made the decision to return home to improve life for youth and families.
   Looking back over the past 20 years, I can honestly say that I have accomplished much. I was very instrumental in revamping the Buena Vista Recreation Department (i.e., bringing recreation football to BV/MC).
   I was very much involved in the development of the Josh Gibson Center and the Rogers Street Gym. 
   I implemented several programs and activities for youth and adults (i.e., after school programs, Midnight Basketball, DIAMONDS ... The rest of the story.

From the Oct. 23, 2019
issue of The Journal

    The time is now for you to make your voices heard. We have suffered through years of our City being poorly managed. We have seen business after business close doors and leave town. We have seen the streets not be maintained. We have seen the Josh Gibson Center close its doors because of poor management and lack of proper maintenance. We have seen Tyson Foods, a major revenue source, shut down and move millions of dollars of capitol investment 35 miles away to their Vienna plant. 
   We have seen the lack of leadership with vision to champion our City throughout the state, which could drive revenue into the city. We have seen the lack of vision to revitalize our ... The rest of the story.