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Marion Elderly Exploitation
Conviction is Overturned

Kathryn Dawsey

From the Nov. 11, 2020
issue of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   A woman convicted of exploitation and intimidation of an elderly man in Marion County Superior Court in March 2018 has had her conviction overturned by the State based on a ruling in the Georgia Court of Appeals. Kathryn Dawsey had been convicted of the crimes against longtime Buena Vista resident Robert "Bob" Webb, now deceased. She had also been charged with theft by conversion and theft by taking, but was found not guilty on each of those.
   Dawsey had been held without bond for several months in the Marion County Jail after being initially arrested, and was then incarcerated for well over a year after the trial. The trial judge eventually granted her an appeal bond of $50,000 and she was released, with various restrictions (including not working for anyone 65 or older), pending the appeal process.
   Now, it appears that she will not be returning to prison, basically due to a technicality.
   Her attorneys, Virgil L. Brown & Associates, filed a demurrer (a response to a pleading that does not specifically dispute the facts alleged, but denies ...
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