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Chatt. Coffee Shop featured by
Rural Schools Collaborative

From the Nov. 11, 2020 issue
of The Journal

   The Rural Schools Collaborative recently featured the student-operated Coffee Shop at Chattahoochee County Middle-High School. The story is below.
      "School community" means many things and looks vastly different from town to town. Yet what remains constant across the varied landscape of unique school communities is a dedication to empowering students by providing them expanded opportunities. By bringing together teachers, schools, parents, community members, and local organizations, school communities can concentrate the social forces and hard resources needed to ensure rural students thrive.
   For this inaugural feature of Cultivating Community, Lisa Bufford, a special education teacher at Chattahoochee County Middle High School in Cusseta, Georgia, nicely illustrates the role and importance of school communities: "To me it means involving stakeholders. Everybody has to be a stakeholder in this because success in the community is determined by the skill level we put out and the abilities of our students. It's the parents, the students, the teachers, the school. It's not a triangle, it's more like a Venn Diagram where everyone has an overlapping stake in supporting our students."
   With a deep conviction that all students have capabilities, Bufford has led a lifelong career dedicated to inspiring students and opening up opportunities for them to learn and apply life skills in the classroom. Through a combination of her own experience, the enthusiasm of school administrators, the support of families and community members, and the excitement of her students, Bufford established the ChattCo Espresso coffee shop in the Chattahoochee County Middle High School to give students with additional needs the chance "to do something they never imagined they were capable of doing."
   "Employment ...
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