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MCHS Class of 2022 encouraged to
make the world a better place

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From the May 25, 2022 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   Marion County High School's Class of 2022 officially graduated in a ceremony in Eagle Stadium in front of a large crowd of supporters on Saturday, May 21.
   They entered to the tune of Pomp & Circumstance performed by the MCHS Band. Honor graduate Kaleb Powell then welcomed everyone and opened the ceremony with a prayer. He thanked God for providing the teachers, mentors, coaches, and counselors who helped them along the way, as well as for supportive parents and family members, as well as lifelong friendships forged during their school years.
   Molly Pollock gave the Salutatory Address, which covered many aspects of their years together in the classroom. She thanked many people, including teachers.
   "We have been blessed with some of the greatest teachers and I am so grateful for all of the love and ...
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