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BV Council selects engineer for water project, deals with sewage issues

From the May 25, 2022 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council approved an engineer in a called meeting last week for a special project they hope will be approved to make various improvements to the city's water system.
   The Council selected Sowega Engineering to handle details for the project, which they are applying for a state Community Development Block Grant to finance. These grants can be for as much as $1 million. This project is still in the beginning stage and it is not guaranteed that they will be awarded a grant.
Sewage Issues
   Sowega Engineering is also the engineering firm for the city's huge project of building a new wastewater treatment facility, which has already received funding. As previously reported, the city has been awarded a $6 million grant from the US Department of Rural Development for the project. They will likely also need to accept a $2 million low-interest loan to totally finance the project.
   It's something that the federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is forcing the city to do. Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) had informed the city that under its new regulations, the city's current wastewater treatment facility was deemed to no longer be satisfactory – due mainly to changes in the amount of ammonia that is acceptable in water discharged from the facility after treatment.
   The city hopes to start this project around mid-August.
   In the meantime, the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of the existing wastewater treatment plant is something that the EPD continues to monitor. It recently closed an order that was issued due to the plant failing to meet effluent discharge limitations ...
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