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Omaha Brewing steps up to join
businesses in pandemic battle

From the May 6, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   Another local business, Omaha Brewing Company in Stewart County, has stepped forward to join the battle against the Coronavirus Pandemic by making hand sanitizer.
   "A lot of breweries and distilleries have stepped up to help meet the demand for hand sanitizer and because we're able to use our equipment, we wanted to help this cause and lend a hand dealing with all the craziness of what we're all going through," said Robert Lee, II, marketing director.
   They recently shifted close to 100 percent of their production capacity to hand sanitizer and began filling their first containers last Thursday.
   The downside for beer lovers who've grown accustomed to finding Omaha's unique brews in their local package stores is that they may ... The rest of the story.