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Area High Schools being to
move forward with graduation plans

From the May 6, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Area high schools are currently finalizing plans for Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2020, which is experiencing this milestone of American life in the middle of a pandemic.
   Schley County High School plans to have a "virtual graduation" on May 23, the original date for their ceremony. However, they are still hoping to have something more formal later.
   "It is not our intent for this to be the replacement to our formal graduation ceremony," said Superintendent Brian Hall. "We just wanted to provide a recognition on the day that was set aside for that purpose. We will be proposing a date for a formal ceremony, hopefully later this summer."
   Hall said he hopes to be able to announce that date in the near future.
   "I would hope that the next two weeks would yield some type of insight into success or issues with Governor Kemp's phase-in plans."
   Chattahoochee County High School plans to adjust their graduation ceremony by offering an "alternative graduation" on Friday, May 15. Rather than have all of the graduates show up at once, they will start having small groups at 8 a.m. to progress through the day to ... The rest of the story.