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Southwest Georgia Loses a Legend
The video below was part of a feature of Roosevelt Jackson by The Journal that was awarded "Best Online News Project" of 2015 by the Georgia Press Association.

Roosevelt Jackson

From the May 9, 2018 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The community lost a local legend on Saturday, May 5, 2018 when Buena Vista resident Roosevelt Jackson died at the age of 100.
   He was believed to be the oldest living former player, manager, and scout of the Negro Baseball Leagues.
   Jackson was born in Gay, Georgia on December 20, 1917. His family moved to Florida when he was young. It was there where he honed the skills to be a serious baseball player in perhaps the most unlikely way of all – using a broomstick for a bat to hit bottle tops after dark with other kids wherever they could find an empty street corner with a light. If you've ever played Whiffle Ball you can imagine the fun the kids had making the tops curve in all sorts of ways, and the difficulty in hitting them.
   "I got to the point where I was hard to get struck out with them soda water caps," he told The Journal in an interview, adding ... The rest of the story.