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Arrest leads to resignation
of local elections superintendent

Anthony Dixon

From the May 3, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Approximately 17 years ago a man who was then a fairly new resident of Marion County was the source of a considerable amount of conversation in the community when he agreed to be featured in this newspaper (at that time known as "The Tri-County Journal"). In the story, he opened up about his role as the sole adult male in a "plural parent family".
   Now, Anthony Dixon has resigned from his position as Marion County Elections Superintendent and is in the local jail facing accusations that he committed crimes against his children.
   While his letter of resignation does not specifically mention his arrest, it includes, "After carefully evaluating what has happen over the past several days, that I should resign effective immediately …".
   In an interview in July 2000, he explained the inner-workings of the arrangement in which he was the father and three women were mothers – all living together in various buildings and raising the children (over a dozen at the time) as a group. While he asked that no photographs be taken, he granted the newspaper a tour of the family's property in northern Marion County. At that time it included three residential mobile homes as well as several small pre-fabricated buildings that had signs designating them as Education Center, Welcome Center, Worship Center, and Prayer Room.
   He also described himself as a Baptist preacher and full-time evangelist, which led the newspaper to ask for input from local pastors about the non-traditional family arrangement. Thus, in the story a number of pastors went on record to ... The rest of the story.

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