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Below are the unofficial election results
for Marion County.

   Voters will have to return to the polls to select the Republican nominee for Sheriff, as none of the four candidates received a majority of votes. Guy Grimsley received 307 votes (38.76%), while Eric Ivey got 246 votes (31.06%), Micheal Kirby received 195 votes (24.62%), and Jerry Baxter got 44 votes (5.56%). The two top candidates – Guy Grimsley and Eric Ivey – will face each other in a run-off election on Tuesday, July 26.
   Sheriff Derrell Neal, incumbent, won the Democrat nomination without opposition. He will face the winner of the run-off election between Grimsley and Ivey in the General Election in November.
Alcohol Referendum
   In the County Referendum which asked, "Shall the governing authority of Marion County, Georgia be authorized to sell distilled spirits for beverage purposes by the drink, such sales to be for consumption only on the premises?", there were 747 "Yes" votes (56.42%) and 577 "No" votes (43.58%).
State Representative
   In the race for State Representative of District, in Marion County incumbent Mike Cheokas (R) received 487 votes (59.1%), while Republican challenger Tommy Pilcher received 337 votes (40.9%).
   Bill McGowan ran unopposed on the Democrat ticket.
Judge of Superior Court
   In the race for Chattahoochee Superior Court Judge, in Marion County Ron Mullins received 917 votes (71.98%) and Alonza Whitaker received 357 votes (28.02%).
No Primary Opposition
   The following received their party nominations without opposition and will face each other in the General Election in November: Probate/Magistrate Judge – Heather Stuart (R, incumbent) and Kevin Brown (D); County Commission At-Large – Steven Young (D, incumbent) and Jason Keyt (R); Coroner – Joe Rodeheaver (R) and Travis Welch (D).
No Opposition
   The following candidates qualified to seek election/reelection without opposition: Tax Commissioner Phylis Ewing Gibson (D); Clerk of Superior Court Joy Smith; Commission District I – Norman Royal; Commission District 4 – George Neal, Jr.; School Board District 2 – Ann Watson; School Board District 3 – Stanley Goodroe; School Board District 4 – Leon Williams.

Below are unofficial election results
for Chattahoochee County.

   Henry "Hank" Lynch, III, received the most votes in the race to replace longtime Sheriff Glynn Cooper, who did not seek reelection. Lynch received 361 votes (47%), while Michael "Mikey" Sizemore was second with 191 votes (25%). Walter Kinney got 170 votes (22%) and Heath Monkus got 53 votes (7%).
Tax Commissioner
   For Tax Commissioner, Zaidee R. Smith received 549 votes (75%), while Teresa L. Smith got 187 votes (25%).
Commission 1
   For County Commission Post 1, Jim Lawrence received 365 votes (51%), while Tommy Martin received 347 votes (49%).
Commission 2
   For County Commission Post 2, James Morton received 394 votes (52%), while J. Henry Nelson got 359 votes (48%).
No Opposition
   The following had no opposition: Probate Judge - James McGlaun; Clerk of Superior Court - Laura Marion; Magistrate Judge - Gary Daniel; Coroner – Travis Hancock; BOE Post 1 – Carrie Jackson; BOE Post 2 – Krystal Coleman; BOE Post 3 – Shirley Jones; BOE Post 4 – Lora McAdams; BOE Post 5 – Christy Humber.

Election results in Schley County are listed below.
Probate/Magistrate Judge
   Mitzi Way (incumbent Probate Judge) received 595 votes (61.66%) to defeat Larry Wall (incumbent Magistrate Judge), who received 370 votes (38.34%).
Clerk of Court
   For Schley County Clerk of Superior Court, Kathy Royal (incumbent) received 587 votes (63.59%) to defeat Jennifer Patrick, who received 366 votes (38.41%).
Tax Commissioner
   Pam Register (incumbent) received 799 votes (83.4%) to defeat Tammi Wainwright, who received 159 votes (16.6%).
   In the race for County Commission District 3, Bill McClellan received 143 votes (55%) to defeat incumbent Sandra Kay Royal, who received 117 votes (45%).
State Representative
   In the race for State Representative of District, in Schley County incumbent Mike Cheokas (R) received 578 votes (61.03%), while Republican challenger Tommy Pilcher received 369 votes (38.97%).
   Bill McGowan ran unopposed on the Democrat ticket.
Superior Court Judge
   For Superior Court Judge of the Southwestern Judicial Circuit, in Schley County, Lewis Lamb received 488 votes, while Jimmie Brown received 426 votes, and Kevin Kwashnak got 65 votes.
   Those incumbent officers who ran unopposed included at-large Commissioner Chairman Greg Barineau (R), Sheriff Shane Tondee (R), Board of Education Member for District 2 Clifton Aldridge (D), and Board of Education Member for District 3 LeAndra Royal Lumpkin (R).
   David L. Byrd (R) is running for the position of Coroner to replace Johnnie Wall who is retiring.
   Rodney Wall (R) qualified unopposed to fill the Board of Education at-large member seat that was vacated by Tommy Pilcher.

Unofficial Stewart County election results are below.
Commission 1
   In the race for County Commission District 1, incumbent Jimmy Lee received 115 votes (52%) to win over Jackie Harvey, who got 107 votes (48%).
Commission 3
   For Commission District 3, Ernest Brown (I) won with 153 votes (53%), while Larry Westbrook got 138 votes (47%).
Clerk of Court
   For Superior Court Clerk, Mona Dudley won with 601 votes (55%), while Angel Bradshaw got 495 votes (45%).
   Incumbent Sheriff Larry Jones was reelected in a landslide with 937 votes (82%), while James Cadenhead got 206 votes (18%).
Magistrate Judge
   For Magistrate Judge, Wayne Ammons won with 711 votes (72%), while Michael "Tony" Smith got 274 votes (28%).
   For School Board District 1, Kesha Nelson won with 153 votes (73%), while Johnny Slaughter had 57 votes (27%).
   For School Board District 4, no candidate received a majority, so there will be a run-off election between the top two – Darius Brown (97 votes, 44%) and Kawand Hodges (68 votes, 31%). Sam Jones got 53 votes (24%).
   For School Board District 5, Thereatha Redding won with 109 votes (61%) and Canathan Wright got 71 (39%).

Below are the election results for Webster County.
Commission Chair
   In the race to replace current County Commission Chairman George Moore, who did not seek reelection, candidate Tony Kennedy won by receiving 434 votes (67%). Fellow candidate Darrell Holbrook received 211 votes (33%).
Tax Commissioner
   In the race to replace outgoing Tax Commissioner Lou Heath, who did not seek reelection, Marjorie R. Hine won be receiving 445 votes (69%). Fellow candidate Tracy Holbrook received 130 votes (20%), while Marie Peek Stanfield received 71 votes (11%).
Commission, D1
   In the race for District 1 of the County Commission, Jonah McCluster (incumbent) won reelection by receiving 85 votes (58%). Fellow candidate Glynn A. Cobb received 61 votes (42%).
BOE, District 1
   In the race for District 1 of the Webster County Board of Education, Jimmie Johnson won with 80 votes (59%). Fellow candidate Deniece L. Stevens received 56 votes (41%).