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Marion residents speak out
on poor dirt road conditions

From the March 18, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Marion County Commission has spent considerable time discussing ideas for improving dirt roads over the last couple of years. They've recently also begun to implement some of those ideas, including attempting to improve roads by adding millings – small "leftover" pieces of asphalt, sometimes also called "grindings" – to the roads.
   However, their recently monthly meeting was packed with residents who told them in very clear terms that what they're doing isn't working.
   Marion County has around 180 miles of county roads that are not paved, so their condition affects a lot of people. The people who live on the roads, with rare exceptions, are not happy with them.
   The pending renewal of the contract

with ClearWater Solutions (CWS), the private company that has been handling the road and water departments for the last two years, was on the agenda, so local residents were asked to give their input.
   The public comments started off ...The rest of the story.