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Chatt. officials discuss liquor sales,
water rates, 'Home Rule', and more

From the June 22, 2022 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Commission of the Unified Government of Cusseta-Chattahoochee County discussed the future of alcohol sales in the county, approved a plan for new water rates, discussed the priority list for local roadwork, and discussed a variety of other issues in their recent monthly meeting.
   Liquor Sales: Local residents approved a referendum recently to allow for the sale of distilled spirits (liquor). Now that the voters have spoken, the commissioners must decide what local parameters they wish to impose, as well as what to charge for alcohol licenses for businesses that want to sell spirits. The county manager was instructed to check around and see what other counties charge. The county's attorney also suggested that the commissioners check with members of the local Planning & Zoning Commission to see if they have any recommendations associated with zoning for potential liquor stores.
   Water Rates: The Commission has proposed new, higher water rates, but agreed to a proposal from Commissioner Tim Biddle to keep the ...
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