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'Elvis' and Performance Academy
Campers rock Buena Vista

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From the June 23, 2021 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Downtown Buena Vista was rocking last Saturday evening as Matt "Elvis" Cordell and the Performance Academy Summer Camp students performed in front of a sold out crowd in the Moon Family Theatre.
   Cordell is a longtime Elvis tribute artist who met Performance Academy founder Lynn Moon McAllister many years ago when her family operated the TCB (Taking Care of Business) Theatre/Elvis Presley Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
   While Cordell has semi-retired his Elvis show after performing for 25 years all over the world (and six times being voted "World's Greatest Elvis"), when McAllister asked is he would resurrect "The King" for a show with her young campers, he pulled his wardrobe out of the closet. Then for a couple of hours on Saturday he became Elvis in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with his clothes changing along the way, from a relatively modest suit to leather to the famous leisure suit and scarves of his later years.
   The audience was thrilled with the performance, as Cordell channeled the famous crooner, hip shaking and all. He even interacted with the crowd, presenting ladies with scarves and engaging in some good-natured flirting along the way.
   "Matt Cordell definitely brought his 'A-Game' to Buena Vista, and our audience rewarded him for it," said Lynn McAllister. " The energy in the theatre was electrifying, from both sides of the stage. What a night!"
   It was also a big night for over 20 area youngsters ... The rest of the story

Troy Denmark of the Performance Academy.
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