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Bethel UMC in Marion enters
100th year with renewed efforts

From the June 9, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Mulkey McMichael
   Bethel United Methodist Church is simultaneously celebrating a huge milestone and struggling to keep going. The charming country church is now in its 100th year, but many members have moved or passed away, leaving a very small group that is attempting to grow its congregation.
   Recently, Joey Wells, active Christian disciple, joined the Rev. Joy Wilson of the Marion Methodist Circuit in an attempt to revive and bring new life to Bethel United Methodist Church. The little church in the woods is suffering and facing extinction because of decreasing membership due to death, families moving away, and dwindling support for the once-powerful circuit church in North Marion County.
   "We cannot let Bethel become history," said Wells.
   Joey Wells and Circuit Pastor Rev. Joy Wilson have volunteered to fill the pulpit for two Sunday afternoons each month – Wilson on ...
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