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New Performance Academy
in BV hosts first concert

Students and instructors of the Elite Vocal Summer Camp during the show

From the June 19, 2019 issue of The Journal
By Breann Krohn
   Last Saturday was the first public performance by the new Performance Academy in Buena Vista. It featured the participants of the Elite Vocal Summer Camp and was held in Fox Hall in front of an audience eager to hear the young participants.
   After five days of hard work with the three teachers/coaches (Jordan Moses-style, Melonie Rigsby-choreography and dialogue, and Anastasia Daniels-voice), the three students (Kedarian Harvey, Carolann Funkhouser, Kimberly Vicente-Sontay) were ready to put on an incredible show.
   During the show, the students were all featured as solo acts and also performed together. The teachers also performed for the crowd and local saxophonist Sunni McAllister made a special guest appearance.
   Each coach stressed how important it is to have a group like this in a community. Jordan Moses stated that it provides a variety of ways for young people to show their inner talents and teaches them communication and teamwork. Melonie Rigsby added that the group serves as a creative outlet for the kids that come. Anastasia Daniels stated that it helps broaden the spectrum for many kids in the community who want to participate in the arts, but don't know how.
   The students themselves all agree that the summer camp was a great learning experience. They feel that having the opportunity to participate in the camp helped them expand their talents, boost their confidence, and learn to work well with others in a group setting.
   If you missed the show, there will be future opportunities to see the performances of the students in the other summer camps. The next one is this Saturday, June 22 at 2 p.m. at Fox Hall. It will feature the students who completed the Percussionist Camps (Elite and Junior). Admission is only $5.
   The Performance Academy is open to young people throughout the Southwest Georgia region. After the summer camps have been completed, the academy will have students in its first semester of classes. For more information about the academy, visit or dial 229-649-2028.