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Local History is Local No More
BACKGROUND, Oct. 2014: Keep Westville in Lumpkin Rally Draws Big Crowd

The Grimes-Feagin House – one of
many historic Stewart County homes
that are now in Columbus.

From the June 12, 2019 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   A piece of local history is local no more. Actually it's more than a piece – it's many pieces.
   Historic Westville, which was founded in the small Stewart County town of Lumpkin, is set to open at its new location in Columbus on Saturday, June 22.
   For those who may not be familiar with Historic Westville, it's a collection of historic buildings that together function as a "Living History Museum". For almost a half century the "village" was in Lumpkin, where 30 authentically restored and furnished

antebellum homes/buildings sat on 82 acres of land where it was "Always 1850".
   In its new Columbus location, it will serve a similar role, but plans are to move from a focus on the mid 1800s to "expand its scope across much of the 19th century". It will also organize into four interpretive areas designed to examine diverse experiences due to race, class, and gender while showing how lives in the region were inextricably linked.
   The current staff is extremely excited about the upcoming opening day. There will be no admission charged on June 22, as they want as many people as possible to come check out the new site.
   The mood in Lumpkin/Stewart County, however, is not celebratory. Prior ... The rest of the story.