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Swamp Fox Distillery in
Buena Vista barrels first batch

Celebrating the "first barrel", from left: Mike A Moon, Kenny Mac McCoury, Brian Bartee, Jilliann Williams, Britt Moon, and Angie Moon pose after autographing the historic barrel.

From the June 20, 208 issue of The Journal
     Thursday, June 14, 2018 was an exciting day at Swamp Fox Distilling Company in downtown Buena Vista, as the new company filled its first barrel of future bourbon.
   "It's been a long exciting road, now we just have to wait for barrel #30-0001 to age for at least four years or until the taste is proper," said Britt Moon.
   While the public will have to wait a good while to try the first bourbon, the company is actually poised to open ... The rest of the story.