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Council looks at options after
'trashing' of Josh Gibson Center

From the June 13, 2018 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council discussed options for how to handle damage done by renters of the Josh Gibson Center, decided to look for a new employee to supervise the Water and Street Departments, expressed a willingness to consider the possibility of hiring an outside company to run the Water and/or Street Departments, and covered a variety of other topics during its recent monthly meeting.
   The discussion about the Josh Gibson Center began with the mentioning of the fact that the carpets had been cleaned on May 7, but they may need to clean them again before a wedding that is scheduled in the center later this month. The cost of the cleaning is almost $900.
   Mayor Ralph Brown then spoke of a recent group that rented the Josh Gibson Center for an event (wedding reception) and left it in terrible shape.
   "It was horrible," said Brown. "They trashed the place."

   They asked City Attorney Roger Montgomery if they could make the renters pay for the clean-up. After he read over the renter's agreement, his answer was "yes, but …"
   Montgomery said the agreement ... The rest of the story.