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2-time Ga. Country Music Artist of
the Year performs in Buena Vista

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From the July 28, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The featured performer at the latest Coffee Club Nights concert at the Moon Family Theatre in Buena Vista was two-time Georgia Female Country Artist of the Year Megan Fowler, a native of nearby Taylor County who has been emerging as a successful professional musician over the last several years.
   Fowler grew up in the Rupert Community and is a 2012 graduate of Taylor County High School.
   "I've been involved in music my whole life, but didn't take it on professionally until I graduated from high school and went out on my own," she said.
   Now, she's been a pro for around nine years and her career has continued to pick up steam. In addition to her awards, some of her career highlights so far have been "working with superb artists such as Bryan White, Pam Tillis, and Linda Davis" and "being able to share the stage with incredible artists like Luke Combs, Phil Vasser, and Edwin McCain."
   Now, after performing in Buena Vista for the first time ever, she's happy to add playing the new theatre in Buena Vista to her highlight list.
   "The Moon Family Theatre is such a cool venue," said Fowler. "It's something that I never thought would be in Buena Vista, but I am so glad that it is. The owners, staff, and everyone involved in the theatre and café (Coffee Club) are super great people and they helped make my first experience there one that I won't forget."
   She was joined on stage by guitarist Josh Walton and drummer/cajon player Scott Park, who she describes as "two of the best guys that I'm so blessed to have play with me."
   Fowler has been described by critics as a "beguiling mix of class and country, sweetness and determination." She said that is flattering, but also sort of fits her personality, as she's just as happy tending to cows as getting "dolled up".
   While she's already had plenty of accomplishments on the stage, she's

nowhere near ready to stop following her dream.
   "My career goal as an artist is to make people happy through music," she said. "Whether that's from playing my own original music, cover songs, or leading worship, I love to perform and put a smile on people's faces and make them feel the music. I'm going to continue to do that for as long as God blesses me to do so."
   Fowler said the two things she's enjoyed the most along the way are making music and meeting people.
   "I've met some incredible people – some who have become friends – along my journey and I never would have met them if it hadn't been for music.
   Like all artists, 2020 was difficult due to the pandemic and limited opportunities to perform, but she said it's rebounded nicely and she has been extremely busy so far this year. Her upcoming shows include playing at the Society Garden in Macon on Saturday, August 28.
   "Honestly, I am just so grateful and blessed to be able to play music as my full-time job," said Fowler. "If it weren't for people like those at the Moon Family Theatre who have supported me along the way, I wouldn't be where I am today."
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