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Moon Family Theatre hosts
Rockland Road & Crescent Circus

Rockland Road on stage in Buena Vista
For more photos/videos: Rockland Road -- and -- The Crescent Circus

From the July 21, 2021 issue of
The Journal

By Richard Harris
   A near sell-out audience enjoyed a great show at the Moon Family Theatre in Buena Vista last Saturday, as a unique husband/wife magic/hula-hoop team opened up for Rockland Road, a family band with a prestigious pedigree.
   The Crescent Circus (Nathan Kepner and Morgan Tsu-Raun) combined comedy with both magic tricks and some impressive hula-hooping. They received much laughter and applause, as well as oohhs and aahhs. Local residents Ann Watson, Linda Moon, and Devon Briggs also got the crowd clapping as "magician assistants".
   The duo got ...
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