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Family group with prestigious
pedigree is coming to Buena Vista
Press play for a special message to Buena Vista from Rockland Road!

Rockland Road is coming to BUENA VISTA this Saturday, July 17!

Press Play to take a look & listen to Rockland Road!


From the July 14, 2021 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Area residents have a wonderful opportunity to see a talented musical family with a prestigious pedigree this Saturday, July 17 when Rockland Road performs in the Moon Family Theatre in Buena Vista.
   The group consists of Paul and Jamie Martin and their children – March (23), Kell (20), Texas (15), and Tallant (14).
   Mr. and Mrs. Martin have both already had full careers. Paul was the lead singer/guitarist for the country/pop supergroup Exile, as well as The Fabulous Superlatives, and more recently played with Country Music Hall of Fame member Marty Stuart for years.
   Jamie is the daughter of Duane Allen, lead singer of the Country Music Hall of Fame group The Oak Ridge Boys, and Norah Lee Allen, who was a background singer at the Grand Ole Opry for decades.
   A talented vocalist in her own right, Jamie was working in the corporate world when one day she and Paul were sitting in their sunroom singing when one of the kids, then another joined in. They were pleasantly surprised at how well the voices melded together, so they worked up a few songs (just for fun).
   One Sunday afternoon not long afterwards, they visited the famous grandparents and played/sang for them. They grinned from ear-to-ear and the makings of the Rockland Road had been put in motion. They kept "playing around" but quickly realized that the kids all showed an uncanny

knack for hearing harmonies and pitch, as well as playing instruments.
   Later on, Marty Stuart, who obviously knew about the kids, suggested playing a show in their hometown with them.
   "We filmed the show and then watched it and it was outstanding," said Paul. "Honestly, it kind of shocked us. I told Marty that I feel like we needed to really pursue performing with the kids instead of waking up one day when they're in their 30s and wondering 'what if?'. This is the time for them to learn as much as they can; when they're young. They're learning that every day is an adventure. It's not all roses and sometimes it's hard, but that's okay."
   Marty offered his encouragement and the family unit began to gain more notoriety in the business. In the earlier years, another Hall of Famer, Vince Gill, dubbed them the "Martin Family Circus." However, they opted for "Rockland Road", which is a street just outside of Nashville.
   Now, with four children total (and obviously older), the family group has been gaining momentum across the country. They've played the Grand Ole Opry and even at The White House.
   Last year slowed the performances down, but the Covid Pandemic also gave them a chance to really hone their skills and sounds.
   "The kids got deep into their song writing and recording," said Paul. "They understand that it's all about the song – not just how well you can play it. Duane was the song guy for the Oak Ridge Boys and having a father-in-law and granddad like that is really a blessing."
   Mother Jamie says: "Our house has always been like a live jukebox, with an all-you-can-play selection of musical instruments," says Jamie. "Music completely engulfs our lives, so our kids have never known a day without it. And that's just how they want it."
   They're thrilled that the pandemic has eased up and they're back on the road. While they recently played in front of 60,000 fans in Ohio, they're looking forward to playing the smaller venue in Buena Vista.
   "Smaller venues are more intimate and personal, and we like that," said Paul, who noted that it's easier to make eye contact and interact with the crowd.
   What should fans expect this Saturday at the concert in Buena Vista? Paul says that while they stay true to their country roots, they play a wide range of types of songs – Merle Haggard, The Beach Boys, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few. "Big variety with lots of harmony."
   They also weave some patriot moments into their shows to express how grateful they are for those who have served in the military.
   As a bonus, fans at Saturday's show will experience a unique opening act – The Crescent Circus, which promises plenty of magic and laughs.
   At the deadline for this newspaper, tickets were still available. They may be purchased at the box office located at 108 4th Avenue (the door to the right of Coffee Club) or online at For more info dial 229-649-2028.