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Marion Contract: Clear Sailing or
End of the Road for Clear Water?

From the July 8, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   A couple of years ago the Marion County Commission voted to hire a private company – Clear Water Solutions – to operate the county's Water Department and Road Department. Their hope was that a large company with more experienced and skilled workers and leaders could deliver better results at around the same cost.
   Prior to making the move, the commissioners spoke a great deal about the need to improve the condition of the county's vast array of 180 miles of dirt roads.
   Now, at least two county commissioners believe it has been a failed experiment and they plan to vote "no" on renewing the company's contract next week.
   "I get calls every day from people who are unhappy with the roads," said Commissioner

Jody Grimsley. "I don't want to renew the contract. I'd like for us to either bring it (operation of the Road and Water Departments) back under county control, or look at other options."
   Fellow Commissioner Matt Gunnels is on the same page.
   "I'm leaning toward bringing it all back in-house, or at least putting it up for bids and looking at other companies if we're going to keep contracting the work out," he said.
   They are both urging concerned citizens to voice their opinions at the next County Commission meeting ... The rest of the story.