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'Hidden Canyon' is likely to
remain so in Marion Subdivison

From the July 29, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   It appears that the residents of the Hidden Canyon subdivision in Marion County will most likely have to learn to live with a fence and gate that blocks about the final 1/10th of a mile of Hidden Canyon Court, a short road off of Pineville Road thru the subdivison.
   Two residents recently appeared before the County Commission to request that the property owner who erected the fence/gate be forced to take at least the gate down. They cited a county regulation that states "access to every subdivision shall be provided over a public street and the streets within the subdivison shall be public streets." They also referenced an agreement with Giles Building Company from 2006 that stated the road, once built and approved by the Road Department, would be turned over to the county.
   However, Mark Haskins, who owns not only the home at the end of the subdivision, but also 14 total lots and 113 acres behind the fence, says he owns the road and was well within his rights to erect the fence/gate.
   "I hold the deed to this road – the whole road," said Haskins. "I'm not keeping them from their homes. They can still use the road until it gets to my property line."
   He added that he has had attorneys consult him and he feels his case is rock solid.
   While Wayne Jernigan, attorney for the County ... The rest of the story.