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Webster Schools announce safety
plan for the new school year

From the July 22, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Webster County School System is hard at work preparing for the opening day of school on September 8. The Board of Education approved a plan in its July 13 meeting.
   While the school plans to offer in-person instruction, parents will also have the option of keeping their children at home and having them do remote learning.
   Those who choose remote learning will be locked into that choice for a full semester.
    In a recent letter to parents, Superintendent Janie Downer said: "You will see that a safe, secure, sanitized school awaits your children. You will also note that very specific steps will be taken to keep your children safe, secure, and sanitized while at school."
   While noting that the school system has spent months planning and preparing to meet challenges, she also reminded parents of their role.
   "The most important ... The rest of the story.