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Buena Vista Police Officers
to get Body Cameras

From the July 15, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council voted to purchase body cameras for the Police Department, named an engineer for a big wastewater project, approved an alcohol license for a karaoke bar that will open soon, and discussed various other items during its monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 7.
   Body Cameras: Assistant Chief of Police Sharon Williams laid out the department's need to upgrade technology in a variety of ways, with the top concern being body cameras for officers. She also said the department would like to have "dash cameras" for all of the patrol cars.
   Asst. Chief Williams said recordings from the cameras serve two important purposes. First, it gives citizens peace of mind that local officers' actions can be monitored and reviewed if needed. Second, it gives officers peace of mind that they can't be falsely accused of misconduct.
   "The footage shows ... The rest of the story.