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Chatt. Superintendent lays out plan

From the July 10, 2019 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
    Superintendent Kristie Brooks recently spoke to the County Commission to update them on the Chattahoochee County School System's Five-Year-Plan.
   "We want you to understand the goals we're working on in the school system and be aware of the direction that we want our teachers to focus on over the next five years," said Dr. Brooks.
   She gave the commissioners a copy of the plan (it may also be downloaded here).
   "As you know, over the past five years under the leadership of (former superintendent) Mr. McCurry, the school system was very focused on making sure that our students were prepared to take that next step for life," she said, noting the formation of the College & Career Academy. "You also saw that focus in our academic scores and in our graduation rate."
   Now, they plan to broaden the focus by increasing their efforts to not only educate students, but also prepare them for careers and life in general once they graduate.
   "How do we take that next step?" she asked. "How do we not just create students who are graduating and taking that next step into the world, but are truly becoming students who are independent thinkers who can problem solve and who can help us look forward to what the future holds."
   She then offered a number of solutions.
   Most ... The rest of the story.

Click here to download
the 5-Year-Plan for
Chatt. County Schools.