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Momentum in Marion
Marion Chamber of Commerce
has had an exciting year

Pasaquan Continues to Draw Visitors: Local resident Walker Williams shows Virginia residents Ted and Susan Hassar around the outside of Buena Vista's famous folk art attraction.

From the July 5, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   As Marion County Chamber of Commerce President Debby Ford sat in the recently relocated Welcome Center inside The Dime Store in downtown Buena Vista, a couple from Falls Church, Virginia (Ted and Susan Hassar) walked through the door. They were taking a tour of the town before riding out to see the unique folk art site "Pasaquan" they ... The rest of the story.

Cody Currington and Chamber of Commerce President Debby Ford stand ready to welcome guests at the Buena Vista/Marion County Welcome Center in The Dime Store.
Ted and Susan Harrar sign the Guest Book in the Welcome Center as their friend and tour guide Walker Williams looks on.

Grants have helped the Marion County Chamber of Commerce
come up with promotional materials that are now
in Welcome Centers all across the state.