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Pasaquan Restoration Nears Completion
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John Salhus of Parma Conservation experiences a bittersweet moment on the grounds of Pasaquan after he and his fellow professional conservators finished their part of a two-year long restoration project.

From the July 13, 2016 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   It took the late Eddie Owens Martin three decades to transform his family farmhouse and surrounding landscape into the colorful and mysterious wonderland called "Pasaquan" that leaves visitors speechless when trying to describe it.
   Martin, who called himself "St. EOM", was probably the most colorful – and controversial – character in Marion County history. When he killed himself in 1986, he left behind a sprawling site of buildings, concrete walls with "snakes" slithering atop them, and totems (many anatomically correct) – all covered with unique colorful painted designs.
   After his death, the self-taught folk artists' work began to deteriorate, as his amateur concrete work started to crack and crumble and the paint began to fade.
   The Pasaquan Preservation Society, which grew out of the Marion County Historic Preservation Society, ... The rest of the story.