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BV faces $4.67 million mandate
Historic home is rezoned to become apartments

The Croxton House on Baker Street
is being turned into a "Quad-Plex".

From the January 29, 2020
issue of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council discussed a state-mandated project expected to cost more than $4 million, voted to rezone a historic home to be used as apartments, heard from someone who is considering purchasing property in the Tyson Road area, got advice from the city attorney on "firming up" enforcement procedures, and other items during its January meeting.
   Wastewater Project: Due to federal and state mandates, the city is being forced to undertake a massive project to either build a new wastewater treatment plant or significantly expand/improve the existing one. Engineer Paul Rakel explained that the city's new discharge permit ... The rest of the story.