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Stewart Co. Commission gets
$6.6 million grant for internet

From the Feb. 9, 2022 issue of
The Journal

   Lack of reliable, speedy internet service is an issue familiar to many rural residents. Definitely no exception are the people of Stewart County, who have very limited internet access (and no "broadband"). However, that is about to change – in a very big way.
   The Stewart County Commission is so very happy to announce that Governor Brian Kemp's Broadband Infrastructure Committee has awarded the Commission $6,662,285.
   The Commission, in collaboration with Sumter Electric Membership Corporation and Windstream, will use the money to make defined adequate broadband service available to every address in the county. That includes, but is not limited to both the Cities of Richland and Lumpkin.
   Stewart County Commission Chairman Joseph B. Williams expressed his excitement.
   "Our businesses have ...
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