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Ellaville Youngster is raising
funds for Shriners Hospitals

Katie Taylor

From the Feb. 9, 2022 issue
of The Journal

By Linda Adams
   This is the third year that 8-year-old Katie Taylor, a student at Schley County Elementary School, has collected funds to donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children. When her mother, Crystal Veatch, gave her a birthday party she asked that no gifts be given. Katie decided to ask instead for donations to go to the Shriner Hospitals.
   Her goal was to raise $1,299.88 and so far she has collected more than $4,000. However, she's hoping for even more, as she personally knows the importance of the special hospitals.
   Katie is herself a patient at Shriners Hospital in Greenville, S.C. Katie had a stroke during the last two weeks of her mother's pregnancy, which is called a perinatal or an in-utero stroke. Her ability to stand and walk were delayed, and although there is nothing wrong with her right arm or leg, her brain is not getting the signals sent out to make them do what she wants.
   She wears a brace on her right leg to provide stability and alignment and to allow her to walk with a more normalized gait pattern. Katie goes to physical therapy on a weekly basis which has helped her a lot.
   She goes to Shriners Hospital every six months for a check-up and a new brace when needed.  She was inspired by the determination of the other patients at the hospital and decided to help out in collecting donations locally.
   Donations to add to Katie's funds can be made on facebook: @Crystal-Taylor-72.