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Buena Vista Baseball Legend
is finally recognized by MLB

Josh Gibson, the "Black Babe Ruth", is getting more recognition from
Major League Baseball, but 'unofficial' games of Negro Leagues
will keep him short of numbers needed to be official Home Run King.

From the February 10, 2021 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   February is Black History Month and Buena Vista's most famous resident's history recently got a boost in the record books.
   Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that is now recognizes Negro Leagues play from 1920 to 1948 as "Major League" stats. That gives even more official historical

significance to the career of the late Josh Gibson, who was born in Buena Vista. After the announcement from MLB, which initially was a big vague in how the stats would be recognized, there was a debate about the possibility of Gibson, who is often called the "Black Babe Ruth", becoming baseball's new, officially recognized home run king.
   Unofficial totals of Gibson's dingers are in the 900 range, which dwarfs the home runs hit by Barry Bonds (762). However, many of the Negro Leagues games were unofficial, exhibition games, and sometimes were not at the highest level that the regular Negro Leagues season games were. Their official seasons were relatively short, only around 80 or 90 games.
   It's been the subject of great discussion and debate amongst baseball historians. Dr. Meredith Wills, a data scientist who has worked with MLB and Negro Leagues historical groups, said, "Curious to see what this does to the all-time home run record. It's going to be hard to argue against Josh Gibson as the Home Run King."
   For now, it appears that Gibson's "officially" recognized home runs won't be enough to give him the title. It should, however, ...
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