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State unable to determine the
cause of big fire in Buena Vista

Background: Fire destroys historic buildings in downtown Buena Vista

From the Feb. 12, 2020
issue of The Journal

   Below is a press release from the Georgia Insurance and Fire Commissioner Office.
On January 28, the Marion County Fire Department was dispatched to East 6th Avenue in Buena Vista for a commercial structure fire involving three businesses. Two businesses were completely destroyed in the fire while the other suffered major damages.
   The building housing Baxter Paint Center, located at 117 East 6th Avenue, was approximately 120-years-old and 2,400 square feet in size at the time of the fire.
   The building housing Buena Vista Floral & Gift Shop, located at 115 East 6th Avenue, was approximately 120-years-old and ... The rest of the story.