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Wild Bull Run, Frisbee Tournament
coming to Buena Vista soon

From the February 8, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   A Buena Vista teenager has taken on a big challenge for her senior project and is hoping area residents will turn out for a fun day to support a cause that has grown near and dear to her heart over the years.
   Caroline Brown, 18, is organizing the Wild Bull Run 5K Off-Road Race and Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on Saturday, February 25 to raise funds for the Special Olympics. The event will be held on her family's farmland a few miles south of Buena Vista on Highway 41.
   While the name of the event may sound a bit intimidating to those who aren't avid athletes or thrill seekers, Brown assures everyone that it's all for fun and people of every level of fitness are encouraged to participate.
   Also, the "wild bulls" aren't like the ones you see in the famous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The phrase "wild bulls" in this context actually means that you'll see some cows, maybe have to dodge an occasional cow patty, and at some point some of the cows may also decide to run around a bit.
   Also, it's actually two events in one. The 5K is an individual event, while the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament is a team event, and people may choose to participate in only one, or sign up for both.
   "It should be a really fun day," said Brown. "We're going to have food, stickers, T-shirts, and ... The rest of the story.