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State Representative Shot

From the Feb. 1, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Longtime State Representative Gerald Greene (R, District 151), whose constituency includes Stewart and Webster counties, is recovering after being hit with a bullet and figuratively dodging another one.
   Rep. Greene, 69, of Cuthbert was shot outside of adult entertainment store Foxes Cinema on Victory Drive in Columbus last Thursday, January 26.
   He told WRBL News in Columbus that a man approached him with a gun, pointed it at him and demanded money, after which he threw his cell phone at the man, who then shot him in the leg. Rep. Greene then drove across the street to 30th Avenue Package Store where employees called the police.
   While it would be difficult to describe the representative's day as "lucky", it could have been much worse. The bullet went "clean through" his leg without striking a bone or artery. Also, he said he was returning from the Capitol and had several thousands of dollars in donations to the American Red Cross for storm relief to help part of District 151 that was recently devastated by tornadoes/storms. He said he did not lose the money to the gunman/robber.
   The initial information released by the House of Representative's communications director stated that the incident happened outside of the package store, where the representative sometimes stops to buy lottery tickets. It was later confirmed that it happened across the street and that he went to the package store for help.
   Rep. Greene was first elected to the State House more than three decades ago and has developed considerable clout as a legislator, serving on many committees, including the powerful Appropriations Committee, as well as Economic Development & Tourism, and many others.