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ABM proposal to Chatt. Co. would
have required a big investment

From the Dec. 9, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   A story in last week's newspaper created a bit of confusion about a proposal recently voted down by the Commission of the Unified Government of Cusseta-Chattahoochee County. The story was about ABM Industries conducting an audit of the county government and presenting findings, as well as a proposal.
   The article indicated that the local government would have to make some investments to implement the proposals, but according to ABM, they would get that investment (and possibly more) back in the long run.
   However, the amount of the investment was not listed in the story. It would have been a whopping $5.2 million. The fact that the significant investment amount was not included in the story had the effect of making it seem like a "no brainer" and left some readers wondering why officials didn't approve it.
   It was voted down, 4-1, primarily due to the amount of money the county would have to have spent to implement the various proposals.
   Ideas from ABM included
The rest of the story.