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'No Tears for Christmas' thanks to
Marion's Hadley and volunteers

Alex Hadley

From the December 30, 2020
issue of The Journal

   Alex Hadley of Heart to Heart, along with fellow volunteers and a supportive community, once again tried to make sure there were "No Tears for Christmas" in 2020.
   This year's version of the annual project was definitely successful. It led to 458 children receiving three gifts each. In addition to children in needy families, the project also targeted senior citizens who may not have a lot of family or financial support. This year 98 senior citizens received gift bags/boxes and 52 seniors received an amazing meal for Christmas.
   While the community rightly recognizes Hadley is the "heart and soul" of Heart to Heart, she says she couldn't do any of it without a lot of support for the people she calls "angels" and she is very grateful for the help. Remarks from Mrs. Hadley are below.
   "I would like to thank a lot of angels this year for your prayers, support, and your big hearts in helping with Christmas. It was a ...
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