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Murrays Resurrect Family Tradition
with Christmas Star in Marion County

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From the December 16, 2020
issue of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Murray Family of Marion County is helping brighten the Christmas Season this year by resurrecting an old family tradition that dates back to the 1950s (and combining it with a more recent one from the 1980s). If you've travelled down Highway 26 from Buena Vista toward Columbus then you've no doubt seen the fantastic display on the Murray Landscaping property about 4 ½ miles from town.
   There are multiple parts to the display, but above it all is the largest item, which also happens to be the oldest part of the tradition.
   When Melody Murray (mother of fellow local residents Jeff Murray, Jonathan Murray, and Suzanne Underwood) was a little girl living in Farmington, Iowa, her ...
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