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BV Mayor addresses concerns
of missing Christmas Lights
Bah Humbug?

From the Dec. 16, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   If you're wondering what happened to the Christmas Spirit in downtown Buena Vista, you're not alone. While there are downtown businesses that have decorated, the usual Christmas lights erected around the downtown "Square" are missing.
   Mayor Kevin Brown recently sent a message to members of the City Council explaining the situation, and adding that some decorations (although not as many as usual) are expected to be up soon.
   "I, as I am sure that you have as well, have received a number of calls asking about Christmas decorations (or the lack thereof) on the square and around the city," the mayor wrote in a message to Council members.
   Mayor Brown then listed "issues, concerns and potential solutions," which are below.

   * Issue 1:  The lights and decorations that we currently have are in poor condition and are not suitable to display.
   * Issue 2: The lights and decorations have not been properly stored and maintained therefore creating problems ...
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